Spice Up Ordinary Watch to Become Jewelry Watches

Jewelry watches are great gifts for those who can afford and if you have the money, one of the best jewelry watches this year is the Vacheron Constantin Kallania watch. Created in 18 karat white gold, it is the world’s thinnest mechanical movement watch with 186 beat set emerald cut diamonds embedded all across the watch, from the bracelet to the dial. This 1.64 mm height watch won the Best Jewelry Watch Award at this year’s Vogue Jewels Awards Show in Madrid, Spain. The cost of such a watch is around 5 million euros or close to 7 million dollars. That’s not too bad considering it’s the world’s thinnest jewelry watch with 170 carats of diamond. The record of the world’s most expensive watch belongs to Chopard. It had 3 diamonds incorporated in the watch: the pink is 15 carats, the blue is 12 carats, and the white diamond is 11 carats. The bracelets is encrusted with 163 carats of diamond, which makes the watch more like jewelry than time piece. The cost or value is 25 million dollars for this 201 carat jewelry watch. Estimated cost per carat is 125 thousand dollars. There are jewelry watches that fit all kinds of budgets and one shouldn’t break the bank to purchase these timepieces. Casio has great fashion watches that start from around 18 dollars. You can even buy a peal watch for less than 60 dollars as well. Named brands like Cartier, Rolex, Patek Philippe and the like are pricier though but they do bring the craftsmanship which they are known for and do have a higher resale value. The true appeal of jewelry watches are the fusion of engineering and precious stones and minerals. Men are attracted to fine watches because of its hand crafted and automated movements within the watch. Women are attracted to jewelry watches because of the encasing and bracelet which may be made of precious metals of be embedded with precious stones or the watch face itself that is filled with diamonds from one end to the other. To be able to combine precise engineering and precious stones and metal together is perhaps the ultimate marriage of a worthwhile investment. The jewelry watch market is around close to 10 billion dollars for 2007. Real collectors may spend more than a million dollars a year collecting time pieces that they know will appreciate in value over time. The 1939 Patek Philippe Supercomplication which was made in that time for around 100 thousand dollars was sold for 11 million dollars in 1999. These days you can customize watches to become jewelry watches by having its bezels changed to have diamonds and precious stones embedded in them. These alterations may cost you around 5 thousand dollars and for that investment you would need to go to a reputable jewelry store that does such changes. The best place to find such information is from your favorite jewelry store, the one that you trust and get a reference from them. Information can also be taken from the internet by searching for the official website of the maker of that time piece and asking for a reference where to have such bezels made. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=454356&ca=Womens+Interest

Jewelry Watches Match Style And Substance

When it comes to the marriage of form and function – especially in the world of style and fashion – the two are often mutually exclusive. Fashionable clothes are rarely the most comfortable, and a good looking coat is never as warm as the classic, yet utilitarian, parka. However, there are fashionable accessories that can not only look great, but serve an important function as well, and those accessories are jewelry watches. Often made of gold or others precious metals – and frequently encrusted with rare gems as well – jewelry watches are the perfect marriage of style and substance, especially when the watch contains a high quality precision movement. Jewelry watches tell a tacit story about those who wear them. Depending on the style of watch, the story will vary. A classic Rolex speaks to success and power with its 18-karat gold bezel and diamonds marking the hour. Wearing a Rolex watch, with its unmistakable design, sends a message of rugged style and social status which is something even an expensive suit and shoes cannot do. There are few things that one can wear that are as universally recognized as a Rolex watch. If Rolex tells a tale of status and power, then Cartier announces that the bearer is someone of wealth and high society. Dating back to the 19th century, Cartier watches have a lasting appeal that spans generations and eras. A watch of that magnitude never goes out of style, and it is that quality that makes jewelry watches more than a timepiece and more than a fashion accessory as well. A pair of Manolo Blahnik boots might turn heads and tell a story about her, just as a Brioni or Giorgio Armani suit tells a story about him, but neither of those high fashion items possess the staying power that watches possess. Clothing and footwear, no matter how well made, will eventually become worn or go out of style. A $5,000 dollar suit or pair of shoes will not hold its value over time, so, eventually even those Manolo’s will be little more than an old pair of shoes. But a diamond studded Patek Philippe – costing well in excess of $100,000 – will not only hold its value over time, its value will increase. Jewelry watches, in many cases, are more than timepieces or fashion accessories; they are collectibles, heirlooms, investments, and works of fine art. Enjoying jewelry watches is not reserved for those who can spend thousands of dollars on a single timepiece. Some fine watches can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars. However, regardless of the price, watches all share some common traits that appeal to their owners. If you are interested in purchasing such a watch then proceed with caution. While you can probably rest comfortably when dealing with a reputable jeweler –especially if the jeweler is an authorized dealer of the brand you are purchasing – there are many counterfeit watches on the market that require a trained eye to distinguish from the real thing. Caveat emptor – buyer beware – when looking to purchase watches from any other source, and be sure to do your homework that will help you identify the watch as genuine. With careful planning you can purchase and own jewelry watches that convey your sense of rich style while providing you with a valuable addition to both your wardrobe and your net worth. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=136971&ca=Womens+Interest

Jewelry Watches Have Come A Long Way

The hourglass watches of yesteryears are passé, this is the era of Jewelry watches that not only tell time but also tell of the wearer’s status. The concept of time and it’s recording has been done since time immemorial. We began measuring time with sundials and hourglasses that seem to have been evolved by the early Egyptians. These cumbersome gadgets gave way to clocks that the Italian Monks introduced. But these clocks were also difficult to carry around and soon pocket watches found them selves in the suave suits of Englishmen. The 19th century saw its first wristwatch invented by Patek Philippe. The wristwatch was considered to be something that only women wore till of course the convenience became evident to most and today we find it on nearly every hand. Another thing that seemed to have been designed only for women was jewelry. Jewelry also found itself in some form or the other on both the genders very soon. Even today the metro man is seen with a ring or a chain. Needless to say like all other things that the human race wears, watches also became more elaborate and dressy. This gave birth to what we today call jewelry watches. These are not only pretty to look and obviously tell time but are made with precious metals and stones making them fall in new class that is referred to as Jewelry watches. These watches are available in Jewelry stores as well as outlets that carry watches. They are valued for their ornamental looks that enhance the status of the owner. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and many such precious stones are used with metals like gold, silver and platinum to create these works of art. They are even made to order though rarely bulk produced. There are a few pocket watches that are made on the same lines but mostly wristwatches fall in this category. There have also been a few jewelry watches that were rings. Not a layman concept but most red carpets have seen plenty of Jewelry watches. The antique range of these jewelry watches is highly valued. Jewelry watches are made by almost all the leading names in the Watch industry. Gucci, Tiffany, Rolex, Tag Huer, Tissot and many more such big names all make watches that are dressy and precious. The designs are not limited to dressy bracelets concealing watches for ladies but there are plenty of designs for men’s wrists too. Almost all watch collectors have a couple of such watches in their bag. They are handed down from generation to generation and their value increases every passing year as opposed to ordinary watches that decrease in value with the passing of time. In conclusion it would be befitting to say that such watches do more than the obvious, which is tell time. In today’s age where fashion trends seem to change every second these watches stand the test of time and emerge winners. The trend seems to be growing every day and soon we might have established and leading companies of such watches making a more affordable range of Jewelry watches. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=132714&ca=Womens+Interest

Jewelry Trends – Watches and Necklaces

“The Great Market Meltdown” of 2008 has fundamentally revolutionized the appetites and buying patterns in global jewelry and fashion markets. Clearly, trends towards buying inexpensive jewelry are coming back. When it comes to necklaces, a new trend suggests that simulated smoky crystal and quartz medallion necklaces started replacing the traditional linked and beaded necklaces. “As diamond prices continue to grow, some people are switching to crystal and quartz jewelry as an alternative”, said Roberta C., our VP of Production in Valenza, Italy. Nowadays, more and more buyers tend to choose necklaces with swarovski crystals, which is a much less expensive alternative to a gemstone necklace. Our Director of Production puts it this way, “Imagine a necklace with citrine stone. It looks similar but costs at least 5-6 times more. The truth is, crystal’s longevity is less than citrine, so it may not last a lifetime, but for a fraction of cost, it’s an amazing deal. In a few years most people would try a different design anyways”. Many individuals used to spend a lot more money on gemstone jewelry, necklaces and earrings, and they still buy it from time to time. But in the last few years a big percentage has switched to simulated gemstones and crystals. They now buy, on average, five or six rings, necklaces and earrings for the same price that it used to cost them to buy one piece of jewelry. Another area of interest is silver stud earrings, often bringing together lavish pink princess cut stones (usually cz or crystals) to complement your favorite sundress. “We are seeing more and more activity with pink studs in silvertone”, said Mr. Apollonsky. “It’s like getting the best of both worlds – two beautiful pink stones and a princess cut to complement your look. In our first trial run we only produced about 50 pairs and sold out in less than a week”. As with all jewelry, versatility is key. “My favorite earrings are the ones that work with multiple outfits”, says Julie T. from Chicago, IL. “I always keep a few pairs that work with specific dresses, but for a casual outing I like to have a pair that works with almost anything”. Whether you’re entertaining in your backyard or enjoying a relaxing afternoon at the movie theater, these studs will always show you well. A new trend in watches – a watch should match your personality like a car. Literally. With thousands of styles to choose from, finding a watch to match your budget is as easy as it’s ever been. It’s so interesting to observe the difference in the nature of the conversations with customers from Europe and Asia. Sometimes it almost feels like they strictly observe how much a watch or piece of jewelry stands out, and don’t pay as much attention on how well of a fit it would be to their style and personality. It’s just a different mentality and we enjoy the diversity they bring to our customer base. Choose from rubber and leather designs, and if your budget permits, add some diamonds too. Diamond watches have lost some traction as people began watching their spending, but finding the right design to match your style is easier than ever. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1856290&ca=Womens+Interest

Diamond Bezels on Jewelry Watches

One of the finest watches ever produced in recent years is the Vacheron Constantin’s Kallania. It’s the world’s thinnest watch and the best jewelry watch ever made at 1.64millimeters in width. Set in 18 karat white gold, the Kallania recently won the award as the Best Jewelry Watch Award in the Vogue Jewels Awards Show in Madrid, Spain. The diamond bezels in the Kallania match the diamond bracelet making the watch seamless as if it was just one flawless piece. The Kallania is the heir of the Kallista, which until recently was the most famous jewelry watch that Vacheron Constantin ever produced 30 years ago. The Kallania has 186 emerald cut diamonds with the total number of carats as 170. Each diamond undertook a long and thorough selection process from among a huge number of stones extracted from several million tons of diamantiferous ore. The exceptional level of purity, colour, cut, finishing and homogeneity is a rare achievement indeed. Its level of purity, cut, color, homogeneity and finishing is almost flawless and because of this, each diamond was certified by the independent laboratory of the Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF.) The price tag for this watch is close if not 8 million dollars. Diamond bezels are increasingly popular for women’s watches but they have also been gaining popularity in men’s watches as well. The most popular of all watches to get a diamond bezel upgrade is of course Rolex. The cost of an upgrade may vary but starts at around 3000 dollars. For women’s watches, the cost to place a diamond bezel on a lady oyster is slightly less than that of a man’s watch. Although, women’s watches can upgrade their diamond bezels to customize it by placing different diamond colors for the bezel. Depending on the uniqueness of the color and the carat of the diamond, the price for such can easily reach the high 4 figures to the 5 figures. For our tenth wedding anniversary, I decided to upgrade my wife’s rolex lady oyster with a not too expensive diamond bezel face. It was easy to get my wife to part with her rolex as I told her we needed to service the watch and I would do the same with my watch as well. I had chosen the design months ago and decided on the carat weight per individual diamond. It would take a week or so before it could be done. I told my wife that I was going to have her watch cleaned and shined so it would like it was brand new. No problem. When the watch was ready, it was two days before our anniversary and my wife had asked if the watch was ready yet. I told her that I would get it before our anniversary dinner, which we had planned to have by ourselves. We decided to spend the night in a hotel and have dinner and breakfast in the morning as well. Well, you get the picture. As we started our dinner, I handed my wife a red box, a watch box. She smiled and opened it. Her eyes went wide and she asked me if I had gotten her a new watch. I smiled and told her that was her watch, upgraded of sorts. She smiled and kissed me on the lips with tenderness and passion. We skipped the dinner and well, you get the picture. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=466752&ca=Opinions

A Big Fashion Statement – Jewelry Watches

Today, if you want to impress someone, you do not have to go and buy flowers and chocolates. Thing that you should buy if you want women to even consider the slightest chance of dating you are some jewelries. Yes, jewelries are what make women happy nowadays. So, if you want to have a shot at going out with a woman that you consider special, you have to buy her some jewelry. If you do, she might reconsider on your offer, seeing that you made some effort just so you can go out with her. But you have to make sure that the jewelry you buy is not such a pain in your pockets. In other words, you should make sure that you can afford the jewelry without sacrificing your own budget. You do not have to be rich to buy jewelry; just enough is fine as long as you are not sacrificing anything for it. Having jewelry on any part of your body signifies social status since it adds up to one’s outfit. It makes the outfit complete and very nice to look at. Wearing jewelry on any part of your body is fine as long as it would fit the type of clothes you are wearing. Wearing nice jewelry but the clothes doesn’t match with it is just a waste of time. You would only be making a fool of yourself. You would never look unique; in fact you would only look eccentric. The same situation would apply if you are wearing jewelry watches. You just can’t wear jewelry watches because it’s nice to look at or you like to wear them. You must also make sure that the watch you like matches the clothes you wear. You just can’t walk around town wearing a gold plated jewelry watch and your clothes are just casual. You see, this is how it works, jewelry watches are not just one of those watches that you can wear without worrying about the clothes you are wearing. They are dual purpose, both for class and as a necessity. So if you really want to wear jewelry watches, you have to make sure that the type of watch you want to wear matches the clothes you put on. If you like to wear casual, then silver plated jewelry watches would match your clothes. You only wear gold plated jewelry watches when you are on formal or on business attire. Due to the latest fashion trends, jewelry watches are just one of the things that are considered unisexual; such is the case with Rolex’s Datejust with a 36mm case. But these kinds of watches do have separate classifications whether they are only for men or for women, and on some cases, for both sexes. Buying these kinds of watches may cost more than you might expect, especially if they would belong to some world renowned brands. If you want to dress to impress, then give it a go. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=448510&ca=Society